AVR related

the manufacturer of the ATMega32, source for data sheets and application notes

www.avrfreaks.com A site about AVR stuff with a great forum
www.sandisk.com MMC/SD card information
www.roland-riegel.de/sd-reader/ MMC/SD card information
www.amelek.gda.pl/... AVR lib function reference


Where I got the idea of a simple connection to the SD card from
http://www.mikro-control.de Where I got the current FAT16 code from ...



ECG related
formica.nusseis.de/EKG/Another selfmade ECG, that's where I took the first version of the input amplifier circuit from
www.eng.utah.edu/~jnguyen/ecg/ a rather unconvential approach
www.grundkurs-ekg.de/ general ECG information (german)