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Lähimmäinen ydinvoimalasi

… you don’t have to walk that far to see your next nuclear power plant … (on the left there is Heidelberg, take a look to the right)

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rumnerden – New header-images

I was a bit sad about the fact that the default theme for wordpress needs different sizes of header images. and no border around them as before in the connections theme. but it looks good and that without big changes. … Weiterlesen

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Atmospheric Observatory, Cape Verde Islands

A bit of sun for all those having stayed at home during the last weeks – but wasn’t too green either, at least on some parts of the islands: (oops, panorama needs a bit more care, still. CVAO can be … Weiterlesen

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Heidelberg, Linna

This morning around 8:00 in Heidelberg.

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Back on solid ground

Back in northern germany since late evening of last sunday, july 11th. Pia uploaded some of my panoramas. On the video the waves look quite acceptable … Sailing without sails from as3.1415rin on Vimeo. Calm on the Atlantic from as3.1415rin … Weiterlesen

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after 10 days we arrived in england in falmouth, unfortunately the last day we only used the engine, did not sail at all. we could’ve waited maybe some days just in front of the english coast to have wind at … Weiterlesen

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Leaving to England

well, my plan was to write more about life in general onboard this sailing boat, important daily things like saving water or how to cook, nightshifts and stuff in general, but somehow it turned our that we’re busy all the … Weiterlesen

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British Virgin Islands

now since yesterday on the british virgin islands, today in spanishtown, a little ‘town’ with two main roads, a small ferry terminal some shops and a lot of small churches. ( skipping a lot of stuff from St. Martin ) … Weiterlesen

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St. Martin – vielä

well, still close to marigot on St. Martin on the french side, but not any more in the bad smelling lagoon, now outside without any mosquitos. my swollen feet in the beginning might have been caused by the mosquito repellent … Weiterlesen

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St. Martin

I’m currently too lazy to really write something – or let’s say other stuff to do. Ship was painted, cleaned, stuff inside rearranged, left the shipyard after collision induced repair days there, … and it’s been ‘quite warm’ … today … Weiterlesen

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