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ANT XXVI Bremerhaven -> Punta Arenas

Back in Germany again, after 2 months and over 30.000km distance travelled. Heidelberg -> Bremerhaven (train) Bremerhaven -> Punta Arenas (ship) Punta Arenas -> Puerto Natales (bus) Puerto Natales -> Torres del Paine (bus) Las Torres -> Lago Pehoe (W-Tour) … Weiterlesen

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Letztes Wochenende in den Niederlanden – der normale effekt, wenig bilder da viel zu reden, viel um die ohren oder auch viel gemütliche faulheit, schön war’s Haarlem: the bird should’ve been something else, but the artist didn’t really knew what kind … Weiterlesen

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Schriesheimissa – uudelleen

Once again to the stone pit – the following picture is just the fixed rope route, (klettersteig) not the actual climbing yet. This time we decided to go up to the fourth of the four levels in the stone pit, … Weiterlesen

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For all those who havn’t yet seen it: Sirpa is somewhere far east: read!. and some pictures from the last few weeks – mostly climbing the stuff each of us takes to the stone pit gets more and more: sometimes … Weiterlesen

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Rheinin laakso ja Mannheim

The river rhine valley and Mannheim, seen from Schriesheim.

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juice from about a kilo of ‘Sambucus nigra‘ (Schwarzer Holunder) about 4 apples some sugar some cinnamon some perl sago to be eaten together with vanilla pudding.

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Im Neuenheimer Feld

yesterday, view from my door: the day before from the other side …

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erilaisia …

Well, as you might have noticed, I somehow gotta lot to do at the moment, even though it’s not only work. In between i’ve been on the polarstern again, but only in the harbour, in bremerhaven. actually just to reinstall … Weiterlesen

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The first day, on May 14th we arrived at the R.V. Polarstern in the harbour of Las Palmas by Taxi in the morning. All the other scientists were watching us arriving, we just caring about our luggage and equipment and … Weiterlesen

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Gran Canarialla

On our way from Heidelberg towards the Polarstern we decided to spent some days before in Las Palmas on Gran Canaria. On the one hand side to have some sort of holidays, on the other to already test our measurement … Weiterlesen

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