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For all those who havn’t yet seen it: Sirpa is somewhere far east: read!. and some pictures from the last few weeks – mostly climbing the stuff each of us takes to the stone pit gets more and more: sometimes … Weiterlesen

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Rheinin laakso ja Mannheim

The river rhine valley and Mannheim, seen from Schriesheim.

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en oo ehtinyt vielä …

Yes, there’s a lot of photos to blog, but currently there isn’t much time to do so. let’s see, tomorrow to Ulm, the day after to Nijmegen and then some days later to Bremerhaven. [youtube mEUfFaFUiZU] (dank an Beate für … Weiterlesen

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Kiipeily ulkona

(Clicking on some of the images provided might improve your reading experience ) We were until last sunday only climbing within a climbing hall in Heidelberg. But since the weather looked nice and we all wanted to go there anyway, … Weiterlesen

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Lately we’ve been climbing in a climbing hall quite frequently, let’s see how it’s going to be outside in the summer Since we’re now usually 4-5 hours in the climbing hall, we usually also have a big break with a … Weiterlesen

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Uudet Kengät

Both are mine

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