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Wo bin ich ….

Auf der Maria S. Merian und zwar DA (link).

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Too weak to return

After running 26km in almost three hours and round about maybe 600 height meters, we just took the tram to go home See it bigger

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Atmospheric Observatory, Cape Verde Islands

A bit of sun for all those having stayed at home during the last weeks – but wasn’t too green either, at least on some parts of the islands: (oops, panorama needs a bit more care, still. CVAO can be … Weiterlesen

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Back on solid ground

Back in northern germany since late evening of last sunday, july 11th. Pia uploaded some of my panoramas. On the video the waves look quite acceptable … Sailing without sails from as3.1415rin on Vimeo. Calm on the Atlantic from as3.1415rin … Weiterlesen

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Webcam, Horta

Das kleine weiße schiff, da vor der baustelle rechts an der mole, das sind wir

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St. Martin – vielä

well, still close to marigot on St. Martin on the french side, but not any more in the bad smelling lagoon, now outside without any mosquitos. my swollen feet in the beginning might have been caused by the mosquito repellent … Weiterlesen

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Riesenstein Heidelbergissä

Some climbing at the Riesenstein at the bottom of Gaisberg/Königstuhl in Heidelberg. we weren’t the last who stopped climbing that evening: Heidelberg Riesenstein from as3.1415rin on Vimeo.

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ANT XXVI Bremerhaven -> Punta Arenas

Back in Germany again, after 2 months and over 30.000km distance travelled. Heidelberg -> Bremerhaven (train) Bremerhaven -> Punta Arenas (ship) Punta Arenas -> Puerto Natales (bus) Puerto Natales -> Torres del Paine (bus) Las Torres -> Lago Pehoe (W-Tour) … Weiterlesen

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The first day, on May 14th we arrived at the R.V. Polarstern in the harbour of Las Palmas by Taxi in the morning. All the other scientists were watching us arriving, we just caring about our luggage and equipment and … Weiterlesen

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