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As already mentioned with map of the travelled track in a previous post, I was for a few days on Amrum, with my parents and some friends of them. I left Heidelberg in the early morning after a short night to … Weiterlesen

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Missä olin viime viikolla?

  (clickable) some more pictures will follow …

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Hampuriin turistina!

Last week I’ve been more or less for the first time as a tourist in Hamburg: The german physics association had a conference there and a couple of students from our departement went there. Actually from Heidelberg there’ve been so … Weiterlesen

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Aus Faulheit und Zeitmangel nur ein Link zu Toni, trifft’s einfach. —- And a picture from yesterday morning from the roof of my new place of work:

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Suklalevyä Järjestäminen Bonnissa


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Teo-tentti ja sitten Bonniin.

Last tuesday  I had my third diplom exam, theoretical physics. Before I thought that it’s just a waste of time for the professor and me to go there, since I don’t know anything anyway. In the end it could’ve been … Weiterlesen

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Kuvia Pohjois-Saksasta

Wetter in Norddeutschland … momentan besser als im Süden. Kühe bei Preetz(draufklicken für größeres Bild): Bauernhof ein wenig weiter auf meiner Laufstrecke: Der Postsee bei Preetz Sonnenuntergang bei Radbruch, bei Lüneburg:

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Hampurissa Hafencityssä

Olin maanantaina Hampurissa, veljeni ja isoäidini paikassa. Illalla olimme Hafencityssä, uusi kaupungin osa entisen sataman alueella. Yksi asunto siinä maksaa esim. noin 2000€/kk ja se on 140 neliön suuruinen. Mutta nyt melkein koko alue on vielä työmaa alue, vain pari … Weiterlesen

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Viimeinen päivä lomalla

Currently I’m learning for my next exam, but somehow this post has to be written: Doesn’t this look familiar ? well, just as in my old flat on the other side of the Intiankatu, ‘my’ room on the same side … Weiterlesen

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Pari tuntia Espoossa ja sitten takaisin Helsingissä

I decided to go to Espoo on Saturday, to visit Kasia, another student from the EILC course 2006 in Oulu who is again living in Finland. After a few phonecalls and text messages we ended up meeting at the main … Weiterlesen

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