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after 10 days we arrived in england in falmouth, unfortunately the last day we only used the engine, did not sail at all. we could’ve waited maybe some days just in front of the english coast to have wind at … Weiterlesen

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Leaving to England

well, my plan was to write more about life in general onboard this sailing boat, important daily things like saving water or how to cook, nightshifts and stuff in general, but somehow it turned our that we’re busy all the … Weiterlesen

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Webcam, Horta

Das kleine weiße schiff, da vor der baustelle rechts an der mole, das sind wir

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Arrived on the Acores

we arrived yesterday morning shortly after midnight in the harbour of Lajes, Flores on the Azores. Already been ashore yesterday, slightly having problems walking on fixed ground, and bought some fresh oranges and apples. and the bernd met some other … Weiterlesen

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