Barcelona, ensimmäinen kerta

After I arrived sunday(19.08) morning night in Preetz again after having been on the wedding of another student from Heidelberg, I had some hours to pack my stuff and leave in the afternoon from Hamburg to Barcelona. Andreu (former flatmate from Oulu) picked me up at the nearest metro station to his place – the streets of Barcelona are almost all perpendicular to each other, thus it looks nice on the map, but when you have to find something, I’d rather prefer ‘normal’ streets.

Andreu lives some blocks away from the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, i.e. it’s not far to walk to the center nor the beach.
The first evening we just went to eat something and then back ‘home’, the others had been out quite a lot already the days before, so they were probably as tired as I was.

The next day we fetched a box from Rita from Portugal from the post office, she couldn’t come to Barcelona. The girls got some selfmade earrings, and there were 2 bottles of quite good portugese wine, but actually we didn’t manage to drink it before we all left to Portugal, thus Andreu and me had to drink it later.

The temperatures in Barcelona were similar to those in Helsinki one week before, slightly below 30°C. Thus not too warm and we were walking  from Arc de Triomf through some parc, to the beach, and several times along the Sagrada Familia.

The beach was not as crowded as expected, I have seen Hietsu more crowded ;)

The following night everbody stayed up until around 3 so that everybody could bring Kerstin to the busstation to Girona and say goodbye.

On the busstation Gernot cleaned quite a part of the busses windows with Andreus help saying goodbye …

Later on Tuesday we were leaving from the same station to Girona, to fly to Porto. (with Ryanair, therefore not from Barcelonas airport)

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  1. rita sagt:

    i’m happy that finally i understand what you write :) big hug *rita

  2. anTONIa sagt:

    no niin, terkkuja berliinissä..

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