Juoksamisesta ja muista asioista

Yesterday the first time since being back in Heidelberg running towards the hills of the Odenwald. On parts of that track I was already running a lot before that year in Finland, that time I lived at the blue spot, now at the green one.
Above a view from the side from the way back with nice graphics :)

On top of the first hill, the Heiligenberg (already a post here, when I was there by bike, lazy as I am.), a theater build during somewhen in 1934 for propaganda purposes of the nazis. Nowadays it’s sometimes used as a theater, but maybe the biggest event is the first of May when thousands of students walk up the hill, almost 400m of height difference to spend the night there, if they havn’t already been too drunk on the way up. Normally it’s quiet there and only some tourists and some joggers are using the stairs. Next to it there are the ruins of 2 monastries.

From there I ran towards ‘Weißer Stein’, a 548m high ‘mountain’ which is simply the highest point around, even though you cannot look around quite well since there are a lot of trees in your sight. Anyway, highest point …
Then back down about 400m height and 6km distance to Dossenheim, a small village next to Heidelberg. From there back to the dormitory through some fields, after 2.5 hours.

And a picture from the flat’s kitchen. Since we don’t have yet many spices and some other stuff is missing too, the easiest stuff to think about was once again pizza yesterday evening.

olin tänään liian laiska kirjoittamaan tekstin suomeksi ja tunnen pari blogini lukevia ihmisiä jotka eivät puhu paljon/mitään suomea, siis tänään englanniksi. (Ritan ei täytyy nyt katsoa vain kuvista.)
muistan juuri uudelleen että en oo vielä kirjoittanut mitään barcelonasta …

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