Barcelona, toinen kerta

Since I was on my way from Germany to Portugal just almost two days in Barcelona, I had decided to stay in Barcelona for some days more afterwards. Most of the others had already seen the town the days before, but there I was just moving back Helsinki to Germany and on a friend’s wedding.

Going back from Girona to Barcelona was already somewhat nicer, I started to be able to orientate myself on my own. Somehow that’s a bit problematic in the beginning if all the streets are looking the same and are perpendicular to each other. The first day I took an unexpected long walk around the city, though, because I took the wrong direction from the sagrada familia, I thought I was going west, but that was north, so I ended up somewhere else. I havn’t had a map at that point, so it was even more fun. I have no idea how I misread the position of the sun and/or the clock so significantly.

I was staying at the flat of my former flatmate from Oulu. Actually one of only a few spanish people I met in Finland who are not excessively loud and can even speak english quite well.
His flat was about 3 blocks away from the Sagrada Familia, so almost all my trips started by going along that church, taking a look at it at different times of the day. One day I got up quite earlyto visit it from inside and also to go up the towers. Since there are a lot of tourists, one usually has to wait quite a while, I only had to wait 30 minutes. That was almost sufficient to write a postcard to a finnish friend with whome I was almost about to drown in the baltic sea ;) I actually heard some finnish tourists in the church speaking later, when I realized that and looked at them I somehow might have looked as if I understood, so they were looking really surprised.

Another day I went to Park Güell, another Gaudi-Tourist attraction, but it was not as full and crowded as in the Sagrada Familia. …. to be continued

Last evening we cooked some paprika with feta in yeastdough, almost as that spinnage stuff in porto, but this time the pepper was distributed more evenly. And the good wine from Rita was drunk, thanks again. That wine we didn’t manage to drink when before we left Barcelona, somehow a weird problem *g*

The following day when Andreu was already leaving to London for a “language course”, I went to see  la pedrera, another building at least partly by Gaudi.

From where of course the Sagrada Familia can bee seen again ….

After that somehow out of the city, as far as one can say that, just up that hill between the main city center and the harbour, walking, walking, walking and enjoying the sun, listening to finnish music and sometimes sitting down and looking up vocabulary.

On the last day, I somehow took the wrong track for the train, asked some women from the train company there who was responding maybe in catalan, en mä tiedä, but at least I was able to understand what she wanted to tell me. Wouldn’t have happened that way in finland with that much knowledge of the language itself *g*. Finally back at the airport and boarding the flight, which will be the last flight up until middle of december. Some thousand kilometres travelled and moved during the last months.

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