Berliiniin !

After 5 hours in the train I arrived a bit late at the ‘new’ main station of Berlin, an interesting train station, but as before, I’m missing a simple clock I can see from outside. But it got now a crystal christmas tree in the foyer, with a lot of japanese tourists standing in front of it taking thousands of photos. I preferred a position from which the name of the company cannot be seen *g*

Antonia picked me up at the train station, Phil came by car, Mitfahrgelegenheit, and arrived at almost at the spot we went to just when he called us. No, not from his own mobile phone. Damn. Would have given some nice photos.
After drinking some coffee with or without milk, we continued to go back to Antonia’s place. With nice orange stripes on the walls and sima in the fridge.

The next day we started to do some kind of tourist program. Toni had to be at university and Phil and me had to fight some navigational problems which were not at all due to the size of the town or our orientation, but due to the simple human following behaviour we already exploited sucessfully in Rovaniemi, but this time, we accidently weren’t so aware of doing that, so that everybody thought the other is knowing where to go. Somehow the way got a bit more zigzag like, but still, we arrived e.g. at the old ‘Palast der Republik’ and the red townhall.

And then: Pohjoismaiden Suurlähetystöihin ! One of the embassies which is not protected by walls of concrete or nice fancy LED-covered protection systems. The combined embassy for the northern countries also contained a common house in which we wanted to visit an exhibition of a finnish designer. Actually also the embassy itself is worth a look.

… positioning in front of the embassy under the finnish flag, the official one, with the finnish coat of arms.

The shovel in the yard might not be the most practical one, though.

Is there some rule saying modern nordic buildings have to contain a lot of white balconies ?

Phil-Harmonie ;)

After we finally found the smelly tunnel to the ‘siegessäule’ we had of course to climp to the top of it and looking at several mosaics. The little museum inside somehow hasnt caught much of attention …

The view from the top was fine, even though the weather could have been better. But I guess it’s been anyway still better than in Finland during that time, we havn’t had too much rain …

Then we crossed the Tiergarten towards the Phil-harmonie and arrived at Potsdamer Platz spending some time to take photos of all three of us in some christmas decoration. After that we continued to the TV and cinema museum.

The Sony centre has an interesting roof which is illuminated in different colors at night.

In the museum there are a lot of rooms with many walls covered with mirrors while in this picture for example this room was used to show a movie about different epochs in german TV. since the movie was designed in a certain number of tiles next to each other it was also possible to watch the movie partly thru the mirros and partly directly, all in all a nice experience. That specific movie would’ve been nevertheless also been nice without the mirrors ….

There were also parts of the museum without mirrors, but still sometimes looking strange. And before I forget, Antonia gladly took her camera with her to the museum and hasnt had left it outside, thanks again :)

Mirrors, ‘stupid’ tshirts, and ‘windows’ … a great combination :P

I always knew that this way started somewhere started in Berlin ;)

On the right side there is a reflector construction to get daylight into the room of the parliament, also with some possibility to block parts of the sun. Interestingly the upper part of the construction is not heated but the temperature is more or less the same as outside.

Since our tour was touristlike, we have to take on the maybe most typical touristphotos.

Ohne Kommentar.

From Prague Zuzan had given me some poppyseed cake which was somehow everyday in berlin something we waited for when we have been on the way back to Antonias flat. Since it was over at some point, we had to find and buy some more. In the shop we all saw them, Phil and me were discussing if we should buy them while Antonia was buying some bread and maybe hasn’t heard us discussing, but still she seemed to buy that cake immediately anyway …

Berliinin Tuomiokirkko:

The old red townhall from the cathedral.

On the museum island we havn’t had much time to watch everything, but since nofretete is going back to egypt and we were around there anyway, we made a fast visit. Everybody btw with tshirts having some finnish texts on them. everybody of us three of course only.

Eating some sort of Chili-con-carne in preparation for a concert of knucklebone oscar, a finnish band I guess nobody of us knew before.

The following day we already had to leave, after having checked our means of transportation.

And having seen ‘helsinki road’ …

… and Toni having bought a hesari.

Somewhen short before midnight I arrived back in my dormitory in heidelberg, right next to the neckar. The rain had stopped, even though on the way from berlin to heidelberg it was quite strong which didn’t stop the driver to go with 180km/h. but well, you never know what kind of driver you get when using something like ‘mitfahrgelegenheit’.

Halbwegs unvorsortierte Bilder gibts wie immer in der Gallerie.

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