Edinburgh -> Newcastle -> London -> Heidelberg

After most of the other EILC people left on sunday I decided to go to Edinburgh on Monday, 17th of december, despite the train ticket prices which reminded me of the german train companies prices.

From the train station Edinburgh Waverly I first went a bit around without any orientation, then ended up at the castle somehow where I decided not to spent 12 Pounds for visiting the castle, somehow I was also no in the mood to go a museum, the weather was really nice, sun, almost no clouds, some fog and temperatures around zero.

Visited some churches …

Changed to the other side of the town, already having in mind that hill on the west side from Waverley station as seen on the second picture.

There I sat quite a while on a bench in the sun, watching the old town and the small hill on the other upto which I later decided to walk. Going there I passed a summer castle of the queen and the scottish parliament.

View back on the first hill ….

Edinburgh down there somewhere in the fog …

Again along the scottish parliament …

and seeing some flares from maybe oilcompanies on the other shore of the the nordic sea, walking around a bit in town, but somehow it wasn’t really looking interesting anywhere. Thus back to the train station, back to Newcastle for one night and then continuing to London and then Frankfurt, Heidelberg the next day.

Biggest plane I’ve flewn with so far, not only 3 or 4 seats in one row *g*. Passing Frankfurt Airport trainstation I arrived somewhen on wednesday early morning in Heidelberg.

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  1. Alexis sagt:

    Great photos! I’m gearing up to leave Frankfurt for Edinbrough in a few days. My camera is on the blink though which is really depressing after seeing some of your photos. Where were those senic shots taken? I’d like to get out of Edinbrough and check out some local sites but not sure where to go exactly at the mo.

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