Heidelbergistä Tampereelle

The first day of the holidays started quite early around 5:00 since I had to get the bus to the next Ryanair-airport, which is Frankfurt(Hahn), at 6:00 to be there in time, even though my flight was around noon.

The usual plane picture … even though not as interesting for those usual planes of that company, not a propeller plane like on my first flight to finland …

Since I didn’t knew anybody living in Tampere directly (and Maria was on a Mökki) and my flatmate was telling me about good experiences with couch-surfing, I tried to find a place via that page and found P., a student living quite close to the city centre. I only wanted to stay in Tampere for one night, since I was planning to continue to Oulu the following day by train, InterRail.
So I got by bus to the city center, reloaded my phone card (in finnish), bought some (almost) lactose-free ice cream (where do you get that in germany ?) and continued to keskustori, the main market place to meet my host there. She called then, and I was still motivated to speak finnish, but I realized almost immediately that this might not be such a great idea on the phone. So, english. Having gotten instructions how to get to her place and not knowing the details about bustickets in Tampere, I asked for a ticket to the station she named. The bus driver actually did not know that stop’s name, but some random guy on the bus told him that he’s actually going there. hehe, so it wasn’t my finnish. Koiratori, not too difficult to say.
So I got there around half past six maybe. I was then talking with P. and her boyfriend in finnish, which went surprisingly well, better than usually last summer in Helsinki, despite the fact that we’ve all been quite tired already. Later that evening I went for a walk in that part of Tampere and in the nearby forest towards the lake.

In the forest was some running parcour, also having quite informative signs about how to train, about the paths height profiles, etc. pp..

 On the other side of the lake it was raining, not on mine :)

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