Tampereelta Ouluun

Even though ruispalat (that kind of bread) is not really the best you can imagine, and it’s dry quite fast anyway, it’s somehow what you buy when you go to a store and just need something to eat :) and the fine lactose free cheese. If I remember right that’s on the other side also something which I had maybe eaten from for a too long time last summer … at least it sometimes felt like it. But now, of course, it’s great again :)
P., the couch’s owner in Tampere, had already to leave to work quite soon, at least sooner than I planned to wake up. So I left somewhen after 9 for some hours in the town before leaving by train to Oulu, to visit Alex there, another german from the language course in Oulu in August 2006, who stayed there.


The amusement-park in which that Näsinneula - Tower stands, Särkäniemi, opens around 11, so I had still some time to deposit my luggage at the train station, and find my way to a park on the other side of the street next to the park to eat something …

Around half past ten the first busses arrived and somehow it didn’t really end. Somehow it was like watching the japanese tourist busses in heidelberg from the other side of the neckar and then those snakes of humans approaching the gates :) Later on the whole parking lot in front of the entrance was filled up by busses (see below).

Finally I decided that it won’t be emptier and went to the tower. Unfortunately the open-air-plattform (or however that thingy is called in english) was closed, but still, it was nice. 

Somewhere behind that chimney I stayed overnight, not sure where exactly at the moment, I should look it up again.

On the Särkäniemi amusement park area is also an art-museum, included already in the normal entrance price, but it seems like nobody normally goes there. What’s anyway the point of doing this ? ok, you might have a high theoretical visitor count, since everybody buying the normal ticket also buys automatically one for the museum, and it might be a nice way to save the existence of such a museum, but where is the connection there ?
Anyway, nice and small museum, and a silent garten, next to all that noise from the park.

On the way back I discovered some place again which we had visited already last summer, like pihatalli, the fire departement with that funny tower … and I ate again mustamakkara, doesn’t it look delicious.

Then I somewhen returned to the train station to leave to Oulu.
In Oulu, Alex and me decided to find something to eat. well, it was maybe around 10, so all restaurants were of course already closed, except some, more bar-like places, where you could also buy 2 or 3 beers (finnish) prices for the same price of a meal … well, so we returned home, decided to do some pasta. Alex then asked me if I wanted to have a beer, and without waiting I replied that it’s maybe a bit early to start drinking beer … well, it was 11 in the evening, but the sun was still up in the sky and it absolutely didn’t feel like it was evening.

The livingroom where I was sleeping one hour after midnight. and that light, it’s not the streetlamps :)

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    wie geil, ruisleipä, mustamakkara.. was will man mehr?

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