Oulusta Kuopioon

On Saturday Alex had then a big event to host for his project he is working on, thus he left early. I left around 12, enjoying some more of the carelian pasties before leaving with E. Unfortunately I somehow had to speak a bit english with her that morning, explaining something about the rhubarb cake, otherwise one could’ve said we’ve only spoken finnish :)

The train station was just on the other side of the road. As you can see, the table for the departing trains does not look too crowded :) I was going east, towards Kajaani and then continued to Kuopio.


Somewhere a bit before I arrived at Kajaani, there was still a lot of snow next to the tracks (well, that were former heaps of snow, no wonder they survived you might say), but also in the woods there was here and there still some snow to be seen.

In Kajaani I just had about an hour to take a quick look at the city. Quite small, but there was an austrian consulate. Whyever. I continued along the lake from the railway station to the city center, taking a quick look at the church to return then to the interesting railway station.

As on so many railway yards in Finland, there was also in Kajaani some wood.

Going to Kuopio I luckily found a hesari …

In Kuopio, M. picked me up from the train station. The 2/3 portugese students I stayed at in Portugal were staying for a night at my place last year in Helsinki when they’ve been on the way from Portugal to Oulu to visit the same language course I visited a year before.

We went to the student dormitory and then in the evening to a pizza restaurant owned by a friend of one of the erasmus students, thus it was only open for us after 9, some of us watched eurovision while enjoying quite good pizza. The finnish girlfriend of one of the portugese was also with us, thus I was talking quite some time finnish again, learning maybe some ‘savolaismurre’, but I guess she tried to speak ‘normal finnish’, since it wasn’t much of a problem. Or 100km south of Kuopio they just speak quite ‘normal’, who knows ;)
Later we went to a club where most erasmus students seem to go, to walk back home then, since no bus was driving home as it was already light again outside, somewhen at 4 (ok, there it’s also light again in northern germany, nothing special ;) ).

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