The main square of Kuopio is not situated near the lake like in Oulu to the sea, but as in almost all bigger finnish towns you can find a ‘kauppahalli’, a market hall next to it. In Kuopio there are fountains and sculptures on both sides, one of them is cleaned by students at vappu, just like in Helsinki. Even though this one is smaller, thus it might be easier to clean, without the need of lifting people up there. (the picture above shows actually the other side of the kauppahalli – the statue to be cleaned is on the other side)

somehow the proportions and the overall size of the orthodox church looked funny, at least in the context of the surrounding buildings.

After some time I bought some pasties and sweets to eat (that blueberry pasties by fazer are quite sweet and nice, maybe too sweet. and too expensive :P ) and went southwards towards Haapaniemi.

Since there wasn’t so much to see I passed by the center again to go to another ‘niemi’, to Rönö. Almost a central part of town, but yet very green. looks like the rich people live there.

In Kuopios harbour there were surprisingly big ships, but well, some of them went to Seinäjoki, wihch is 300km west of Kuopio.

The sticks to show where the actual parking lot is were still in place at the hospital’s parking lot …

… and also those signs which are not known and needed usually in Germany. But ok, they are anyway everywhere.

A well known hedgehog (kiroileva siili) on a car …

I guess you wouldn’t call a gym in Germany ‘fressi’ (fressen -> animals don’t eat, they ~; eating fast; eating without limits)

In Helsinki I havn’t seen those bunker entries so often, at least not in combined use as a gym. But in Kuopio I saw that a few times, also in Mikkeli and Tampere. In Oulu you cannot find this kind of rocks, thus I havn’t seen any bombshelters of this kind there.

View from the kitchen in the dormitory at 2 o’clock:

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