Kuopiossa, vielä

At least one photo of the dormitory I was staying at. It was slightly on a hill southwest of the center of Kuopio in some forest, thus relatively quiet. On the panorama below it’s quite in the middle of the picture, on that small hill. The evening before I went up that hill (next to that bomb-shelter place described in the last post), found some other parts of the town on top (havn’t had taken a map with me, thus it was a bit of a surprise ;) ) and then continued towards the skijumping area on the other side of the hill, next to the watch-tower which is seen on a lot of photos from Kuopio. This day, Monday, I actually planned to walk there again and watch the town from there.

Here you can see how zebra-crossings are suffering from the spikes on the tires of around 2/3 of the cars in Finland in wintertime:


At the foot of the Puijo hill on which the tower can be found, a new pesäpallo stadium is being constructed.

Walking up to the tower, the track leads through some protected area. Near to the path you can find plates telling something about the history of the region, in finnish and english. Quite nice for learning new vocabulary, just taking a short look on the right if something was still unclear, despite the pictures :)

The whole skijumping area was accessible for everybody, no fences, nothing.

Then I went up that watch-tower. I was actually alone on the outside platform, nobody else was there. Tourist season was still to come, and it was not actually quite warm up there. And windy. First a panorama of the city center of Kuopio:

And another panorama, showing the city center on the left, and the forest in which the dormitories can be found on the right side of the picture:

Some signs should better only be followed during wintertime when the lake is frozen …

Somewhere in the center there was a german kindergarten:

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  • the next day I was leaving to Helsinki, making a small stop in Mikkeli
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