Kuopiosta Helsinkiin

On early Tuesday morning I left from Kuopio, when the portugese guys were just leaving towards a presentation at university, to the south of finland. First I wanted to stop in Jyväskylä, but unfortunately the train connections were not really suitable. So I was chosing between Mikkeli, Kouvola and Kotka, whereas the latter would also have had required too much time on the train to get there. So I finally got off the train at Mikkeli, Itä-Suomen läänin (district of east finland) capital.

The weather was not perfect but yet still quite warm. So I put my backpack to a locker on the train station and left towards the city-center. well, it’s not such a ‘big’ city as Oulu or Kuopio.

As usual I went to the market square, you normally cannot miss it in a finnish city. And here I also found some people selling half and small kalakukko. I havn’t actually bought one in Kuopio, because I think you might eat quite a long time of one kalakukko when you are alone, and I also knew that I cannot really eat much of that ‘muikku‘, even though in small amounts it’s ok. But that I bought in the end of the early afternoon before leaving to Helsinki, arriving on the market place I just bought some ice cream, as usual :P

Towards the west(?) of the city center there is a small tower, but this was still closed, it wasn’t yet June.

But already from below one could see Mikkeli and its surroundings already quite well, giving some orientation where one might still want to go. On the right you see the cathedral of Mikkeli, on the left there might be somewhere the train station:

The church was, as far as I remember, just opened for about an hour, and I was lucky to be there at this time. From the inside it’s not decorated too much, as usual for protestant churches. But still, somehow there was something different, somehow already feeling that one was already a bit more in the east of europe.

Over the trainyard, there is a bridge, towards a lake and a small harbour on the other side. On my way there I saw a waggon, which I must have missed on my way from the station to the center. It’s Mannerheim‘s train wagon, which he used to travel around finland during the second world war. In this wagon he also met other leader from other states, like Hitler. The wagon was put there in 1992.

In between there was some rain, but not too much. And the clouds were interesting :)

Near to the lake there were different types of parking spaces:

Then I continued in a big circle back to the city, along an old little village which is 550years old, kenkävero, and back to the center throught a little park.

Then I continued my journey towards Helsinki, since I wanted to arrive there still around 5 to meet a student from the accelerator laboratory. I was staying at her place in almost the same dormitory as the one where I stayed last year. And she mentioned that there was a pesäpallo game of the swedish-speaking student group in Kumpula. I had already forgotten almost all the rules of it …

On the way to Helsinki a conductor of course checked my ticket and was telling me something then. I thought she might say something in finnish, thus I was somehow not prepared for english (which they usually use when they see your inter-rail ticket), and I just answered ‘Mitä?!’ after her first sentence. She was obviously surprised and continued in finnish, just telling me that the train is leaving on the other track from the same platform to Helsinki in Kouvola. Sometimes I did this switching to english on purpose when some fin spoke english to me a year ago, but this time it somehow came automatically :)

[youtube AS29rU6Pg9k]

In Helsinki I then got off the train, took my blue matkakortti, loaded some ten euros to it, and just took a but towards Kumpula. The numbers havn’t changed, so it was somehow like going home. Being so excited, enjoying the warm weather and having about at least 15kg of luggage I arrived at the laboratory to meet M. , just ringing at the doorbell, and somebody opened – as usual you don’t know who did this, but well, somebody knows who you are since there is a small video camera installed.

So I brought my stuff to the dormitory. Quite funny that M. was living in the same type of appartement as I was, and also in the same room, i.e. up the stairs, then the kitchen is to the left and to the right there was her room, next to the bathrooms :) thus I somehow already knew that place. Also that small things: the drawer for knives and forks in the kitchen was of course not the topmost, but the second topmost, as usual.

Half an hour later we left from the lab to play pesäpallo with the swedish speaking student ‘community’ of the kumpula campus. I should’ve done this already when I was still living there, it wasn’t as boring as in EILC Course and even the rules somehow came back to my mind, even though with a lot of help. After this we went eating some pizza and I went home, just to leave again and walk around a bit through arabia and to arabiaranta, where now almost all of the planned houses there are build. But the park area next to the water is still quite unfinished.

That wooden path, which was almost broken last year, is now not usuable any more:

View from Arabiaranta:

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