Helsingissä, toinen päivä

The first whole day in Helsinki I got up relatively early and went to the city centre. Main station, Mannerheimintie, Kamppi. At the Kamppi square I was of course stopped at some point by those ‘spammers’, people wanting to collect some money for amnesty international, greenpeace, … well, theoretically good points. So I listened for example what that woman from amnesty had to say. I got what she was saying, reasons for why I should pay some money for certain projects, but because she spoke so fast, I thought that it cannot be that I understood anything. So I asked if she could talk a bit slower – so she did and I realized that I’d already understood right what she was trying to tell me :)

Of course I had to go to the senate square, too, get some icecream and sit on the stairs to watch all that busy tourists running around. And I finally managed to look at the cathedral from inside, just at that moment where a whole bunch of german tourists also entered the church. Somehow you experience then some kind of ‘shortening reaction’, just wanting to get out of there :) Surprisingly a lot of them obviously think that nobody understands them. like last year in Hämeenlinna. If they’d knew how many finns actually speak german *g*

On Kauppatori I found some nice old postcards, showing the harbour area around that market around 1900. And this sign, obviously not everybody in Sipoo is so happy about Helsinki’s expansion plans. (means: get away your fingers from sipoo)

On the esplanade there was a small concert, sounded like some children stuff, even though most of the people watching it were absolutely no children any more … anyway, it was warm, and all the benches there were full.
The spanish sculptures are now away, unfortunately.

On Kauppatori I then also met Jari, the ‘teacher’ from the conversation course I attended during the second semester. He was at that time in the center searching for a job. So we met to eat some pulla and coffee there.

DNA has some funny ads in the busses. This one says: don’t talk to the driver when driving. (however cheap it might be) – however you might speak to customers of that company. On another day on another bus I found another one, explaining why there might be people on the bus not speaking so much, that’s then just because they have the wrong phone company. Well, regarding how silent finnish busses are sometimes on the inside, … okei, I guess that ads did their job, but i’m anyway already a customer *g*

In the evening I met a friend from the laboratory I was working in last summer. We went for a walk along my old running track and ate really nice chocolate cake (that one from the backside of the fazer chocolate :) ) Somehow a nice feeling to be back there.

Later that evening, being back home, I was somehow so excited about everything that there was no way thinking that I might already go to bed. I then tried the Kalakukko bought in Mikkeli, wrote some postcards and then finally went throwing them to the postbox, thus I cannot say the next morning: ah, let’s keep them here, they are just too crazy to send to people back home. That evening somehow felt like you imagine being on some really good drugs without side effects except sleeplessness.

so I arrived at that post box a bit after midnight …

… and also passed by my old flat …

and checked out how the new student flats near to the street look like now. When I lived there they were just building them.

I took a picture from a close position already some time ago: klick. but there it was wintertime and not already in the middle of the night :)

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  1. anTONIa sagt:

    wenn ich zum fussball gefahren bin, bin ich ja immer durch die vak und an eurem haus vorbeigefahren.. ich erinnere mich an die letzten paar tage, wo ich immer dachte, neee, wenn icke jetze hier absteige und klingel gibt es dort keinen johannes oder felix.. das war so outo!

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