Torstaina Helsingissä

(29.05.2008) Almost the same view from M.’s room as from ‘my’ room on VAK1:

That thursday I had some plans which had to be revised than again. So I first went to Ruoholahti, changing to the Metro in Sörnäinen. To see what is currently shown in the museums in the cable factory, and to walk around there, somehow it’s an interesting part of town, even though I wouldn’t really call it beautiful. It’s some former harbour area with some old factories and a power plant and in between there is this museum, some appartement blocks, some new restaurants and shops. Next to it there is a big cementary and north of that is then the biggest sand beach of Helsinki next to the center.
There were some advertisements on the streets to see, saying: ‘winning is not most important, but the fact that sweden is out’. There was actually another version of this, in swedish, probably making fun of finnish ‘sisu’, as far as I understood it. well, I should’ve taken a photo.

In the background of the picture above you can see another island of Helsinki with a few houses, in the foreground there was a restaurant.
The picture below is taken from in between two parts of a big glass house for a few companies, right next to the old cable factory. In the background the western harbour of Helsinki.

And again the same building, but from the side, facing the harbour.

From there I then continued a bit north to Hietsu, the sand beach. Already quite a lot of people there, even though not many in the water yet.

I had to be in the center around noon to meet Maria. She had some work to do for university, but we met for lunch at the train station, since I didn’t yet know where the Hämeläis osakunta was. It was nice to meet again, but definately too short. But she had the possibility to speak some german, phil didn’t speak any the month before *g*. well, we spoke some kind of mixture, sometimes.
After that back to the town, book shops, ice cream, cathedral.

And then to the Ateneum, to see the Pekka Halonen (more pictures) exhibition. First I wanted to go there with Sirpa, but she was too tired from work, but so we met the following day on Mustasaari, which was maybe even nicer. So I went there to watch the pictures for about 2 hours, before there was a free guided tour at 6 o’clock in finnish. It was really interesting, because I didn’t know much about Pekka Halosen background, and quite a number of pictures was showing his brother, or other relatives, which was not clear by just looking at the name and the date of the painting. Nevertheless it was quite exhausting, but during the tour I was able to concentrate on the descriptions rather than on the pictures, since I already went through it before.

picture above: In the middle there is the railway station with that tower, on the right of it the national theater and in front of those there is the main square for the busses that leave eastbound to other parts of Helsinki. On the very left of the panorama there is the Ateneum, the museum where I went to see the Pekka Halonen exhibition.

picture below: A picture I somehow took quite often during the year I lived there (behind that strange building is the dormitory), that was on the way from the Arabia kauppakeskus where I usually went to buy food back home. (see e.g. here and there)

In the evening I went along my old running track to Herttoniemi, but this time by bike. There is a ski jumping area and running tracks covered with saw dust.

A point on my track where I used to stop to stretch is seen below. The land in front near to the water is ‘taken care of’ by some cattle, which you might see there sometimes.

View towards Viikki:

And I found another bird-watching tower on the Herttoniemi side, a tower with a spiral staircase :)

  • As usual, some more pictures can be found in the gallery
  • The next day: meeting Sirpa on Mustasaari, Tennispalatsi and grilling in the evening
  • And a link back to the overview post for these holidays
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