Helsinki, Perjantaina

Since you have a lot of sandy pathways in Helsinki the shoes were looking quite white all the time …

Sirpa was too tired the day before, but since she’s again at work on Mustasaari, she offered me to come there. Persons knowing persons working on Mustasaari get some discounts, e.g. they get to the island for free. But still a strange feeling if everybody around is paying for the trip and you just tell them: niin, mä tunnen sirpaa, ja hän sanoi … .
The ship leaves from a place a bit north of Hietaniemenranta/Hietsu, where I was already the day before. But that friday I also had time while waiting for the ship to relax a bit myself on the beach.

So we met for lunch on Mustasaari. She actually did some postcards of Mustasaari which are now there to be sold, almost the first thing I’ve seen on the island.
I’ve been already on Mustasaari one year ago, that time we did a little canoeing trip.
After eating lunch, I explorer the island a bit, this time the sun was shining, and Sirpa had to get back to work. As far as I remember we were talking only finnish.
Also this year, the sheep havn’t been there yet, but there have been some papers with interesting questions on them, even though I was maybe able to answer one of them … and it’s not been just 2, but even more than those I took photos of: 1 2 3.
The following one asks how many tree seeds are planted onto areas where new trees are planted on average:

in the background, the cable factory.

Some people obviously went to the island to sit on the beach and paint, why not:

And a panorama towards the south:

Inside Helsinki the temperatures that day were almost too high to walk around fast, but on Mustasaari it was just right :)

This place looked a bit different than on that rainy day last year:

When I finished my walk around the island (actually it’s 2 islands), I came back to eat the second part of lunch, the famous and big pulla you can get there with a coffee. To illustrate the size, I put my cellphone in front – it would maybe have been even more impressive if I’d put it in the back of it:

After having saved Sirpa from almost another hour of work, I went back to the town, along Hietsu again, where some kite-surf-whatever-guy tried to surf with a kite, but actually had no luck and was thus carried from one side of Hietsu to the other, without ever being on the surfboard and maybe thus entertaining quite a bunch of watching people on the shore.
For this afternoon I planned to go to the tennispalatsi art museum, a place one shouldn’t definately miss in Helsinki.

As already mentioned, quite warm inside the city, a lot of people sitting around and drinking something outside.

In Tennispalatsi there was an exhibition of final works of art students like last year the same time, but also an exposition of pictures of Anton Corbijn. Somehow the name was new to me, but some of the pictures were not, surprisingly. He portraied mainly musicians and made a few music videos.
Interesting exhibition and also a really nice and informative video installation accompaning it.

Around Kamppi the streets where quite crowded … at least for finnish relations, but somehow the panorama program also likes to take the pictures with less pictures on it ;)

In the evening Jari told me about some friends of him planning to grill in a yard in Kumpula. Before I went there I slept half an hour in the evening, just to be able to do anything more at all :)
The pihajuhlat was actually in a yard of a small red wooden house in Kumpula, towards olympiakylä, the old olympia village. And when they built up some more music equipment than expected I asked what this is at all – the owner of the house was actually “Joona”, singer of Posteljoona & ystävät and a moderator at YleX.

In between grilling a calendar of a famous finnish band with two letters (is there more than one?) was being used for practising air-pistol shooting.
I also met there 2 girls who I might have already had met on Mustasaari, one of them was also working there and the other one on the same boat going there as me. Of course I didn’t realize that *g*
And I talked with a finn that evening and localized his hometown correctly by his accent, yeah! ;) (Tampere)

Due to a lack of any backstage area, the greehouse had to be used for this purpose.

[youtube UzavylK-iUE]

There was also another band, from Germany as far as I understood. The singer said ‘I love you’ to the audience, like some singers do, but actually she said it in finnish, and thus getting some confused looking finnish looks back. Jari then also explained right away that finnish people usually say that very rarely, but that I knew already.

[youtube 8MKW0Tj8Uns]

In the end the it got a bit more chaotic and everybody who wanted could join and sing/rap something:

[youtube UlE-9mGW3cg]

And a bit offtopic: I still like ‘posti’ more than this ‘itella’: The latter seems to be a bit counterintuitive. Who the hell got this idea anyway ?

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