Pari tuntia Espoossa ja sitten takaisin Helsingissä

I decided to go to Espoo on Saturday, to visit Kasia, another student from the EILC course 2006 in Oulu who is again living in Finland. After a few phonecalls and text messages we ended up meeting at the main train station of Espoo, maybe not the nicest place to go. It’s amazing how that part of Espoo looks like, in some ways similar to Pasila, but Pasila is just a part of Helsinki, but that station is supposed to be the main station.
That’s btw the Helsinki mainstation:

Anyway, we ate some cake in some baari while sitting in the sun. When I wrote text messages, I usually did that in finnish, not knowing that Kasia actually hasn’t (yet) learned too much of that after the language course in Oulu. Maybe another reason for misunderstandings, maybe …

Since she had to get back home, I returned to Helsinki. Just to run around, buy some food, … The following two pictures show a nice tunnel in Helsinki, from the University towards the next metro station. In Kaisaniemenpuisto there was also one end of a construction site for a service tunnel below the whole center, maybe to supply the stores without having to use the streets.

Since it was nice weather and also Saturday the esplanade was quite lively and full.

I decided to buy some bread and continue towards Kaivopuisto to enjoy the weather.

Blueberry-liquorice …. it’s a pity that there is just a few liquorice sorts to be bought in normal stores in germany …

I havn’t bought beer, but I guess everybody else in the park:

Near to the sailing harbour area west of Kaivopuisto there was a little boat in the water I already knew from the day before: this was part of an art project also displayed in Tennispalatsi Art Museum. The black baloons connected to it were not to be seen in the air, though.

At a lot of places the following advertisements was to be seen. Normal advertisement, but some stuff over it, all in all telling: on 2.6.2008 we’ll publish good news. I always though that it’s weird that nobody yet removed that cloths at any place, but then, at the train station, finally somebody obviously did it :D

I didn’t know that the statue on the right has been actually done by the father of Tove Jansson with her actually being the model for it.

I decided to go back home by foot, passing also by the kaisaniemen puiston sand-area where Mailman kylässä was and now YleX was preparing some concert on Sunday there.

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