Helsingissä, viimeinen päivä

On Sunday there was a ‘meeting’ of from laboratory people on Suomenlinna, whereas it was not too clear if it should be some picnic trip or just to see Suomenlinna. Anyway, I left a bit earlier, went through ‘beautiful’ Pasila towards the city center. In Kaisaniemenpuisto there were still some preparations done for that free concert in the evening.

I continued then through Kruununhaka to the harbour and from there to the orthodox church. When I arrived there I still had quite some time until we all met at the ferry, thus I stood up there watching the city.

But there were such a lot of german tourists, almost disgusting. And even if they’ve been alone, no chance of silence. They just keep talking to their video camera then. I guess that’s the new japanese ;)

Finally we all made it to the ferry (more or less on time) even though our timing and the ferries was not aligned too well. But in the end we got to the island.
(Trying to talk finnish outside on that ferries is worse than speaking on the phone, I suppose)

On Suomenlinna I actually havn’t taken any photos, but it was like last year, what a surprise ;) but they a lot more walls are being renewed.
One of the professors of the Lab was already on the island with his family. From the stony coast on the west part of the southern island, we watched some sailboat race on the horizon – well, or let’s say we were guessing if that might be a race at all – while he was offering some wine to everybody.

On the way back from the harbour, I remembered another place, where I saw 2 days ago in Tennispalatsi art museum, that there might be some items to be seen outside below a bridge. hm, I somehow didn’t get the overall idea of this very installation.

Arriving at home, eating something, preparing to leave again. M.’s bike was small but still faster than walking. And I havn’t had taken my running shoes with me. I thought about then buying some there, but I didn’t. The old ones have seen something like 2000km of roads and paths, thus it might be a good idea anyway. But hey, on the way back my backpack was exactly 15kg, even without new runningshoes. :)

I went south, towards Kalasatama, Kulosaari to go back along Herttoniemi, to Viikki, Vanhakaupunki and then ‘home’.

I’ve never been on the other side of that part of vantaa river/baltic sea, just once in wintertime when one could walk just over there.
In case you noticed why there is sometimes pictures without any obvious meaning but a radardome-like sphere on some roof: that’s the institute of physics of HY.

These places are all ‘within’ Helsinki, that’s not somewhere outside on the countryside.

In Herttoniemi I had to get north somehow, which was not as easy as supposed, but finally I made my way to the paths I already knew from running there.

Near to the ski jumping area, some dozens of dandelions.

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