Viimeinen päivä lomalla

Currently I’m learning for my next exam, but somehow this post has to be written:

Doesn’t this look familiar ? well, just as in my old flat on the other side of the Intiankatu, ‘my’ room on the same side of the stairs. And in the kitchen, it was clear to open the second drawer from the top to get a knife. a bit scary, though ;)

But the flat was somehow a lot more comfortable, maybe because it’s a girls’ flat, maybe because there are only finns living and thus staying there for a longer time.
I was somehow wondering why they have these finnish flats and the others … I always though it was because of the furniture, but they had the same there, so that can’t be the only reason. Well, not everybody wants to learn finnish …

On the last morning of my holidays in Helsinki I thus left that flat with my luggage to meet M. in the laboratory and to return the keys. And also of course to say goodbye to H. who was again working the whole summer downstairs, even though now on the computational side.

So that was the first few people to say goodbye to that day …

From the lab I continued then towards the city center, took one of the few ‘wrong’ busses and ended up in Hakaniemi. Usual mistake, but somehow I’m not learning it … At least I saw that market there again. About a year ago I bought rhubarb there to make a nice cake when Zuzana was visiting us in ‘springtime’ Helsinki.

Walking to Kaisaniemenpuisto I passed by that construction site sign, showing where that service tunnel actually goes along: that explains all those big holes near to the streets in the city center, for example in front of virgin oil.

The weather was fine, even though not that sunny. But who’ll complain when you have 19°C.

At the train station the one of the 4 statues which was on holidays due to some advertisement campaign was back home, everything as usual. even the lamp was back it its usual place.

At the station I met Jari again, but that was planned, no coincidence. I had to leave from Helsinki to Tampere to leave from there then again in the evening to that ryanair airport Pirkkala by bus.

In Tampere I just left from that tunnel from the tracks when I met Maria who was just about to leave back to Helsinki, she was in Tampere for celebrating her sister’s school end. But as in Helsinki, there was not much time unfortunately. I then continued to the lokkerot, put my stuff there and went back to the main door. And again a known face, even though not that known, so it took me a while: a finnish guy around my age I met on the way from Tampere to Oulu at the beginning of my holidays who was then on its way from an Alcohol detoxitation clinic to his parents’ place for the weekend. Havn’t ever met somebody that age being an alcoholic, at least I think so.

In Tampere the sun was shining, a lot of people were on the streets and on the market. I went to eat some pancakes with lakkahillo.

Hm, the library from inside. Not as dark as from the outside.

And also here, nice temperatures already. I then also went a bit shopping, ending up at the airport with exactly 15,0kg of luggage, the maximum allowed for the normal price. Unfortunately the marmelade has not survived the following flight.

Ha, can you already see what you can get there ?

of course, as on my first day, again towards the mustamakkara :P

Tampere was build around those rivers, providing energy for the industry. thus there is still industrial areas on the middle of the town, partly they are converted to museums and theaters, but partly they are still used and owned by some companies. For example to sell Finnlayson towels, as I have now 2 more at home.

The airport in Pirkkala is relatively small. On the airport I met a finnish erasmus student from heidelberg and my old tandem partner who brought her from turku to the airport.

and then, after 2 hours of flight and 3 hours of driving by bus somewhen in the middle of the night back in Heidelberg. Nighttime temperatures maybe as high as in the morning in Helsinki.

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