Teo-tentti ja sitten Bonniin.

Last tuesday  I had my third diplom exam, theoretical physics. Before I thought that it’s just a waste of time for the professor and me to go there, since I don’t know anything anyway. In the end it could’ve been just a bit better – mark-wise.

In the evening some AEGEE-fun, the following day already a meeting with a professor about the next exam  in december, and then by train to Bonn to visit phil. Surprisingly an IC train just takes about 2:20h there.
Since neither one of us had watched Jadesoturi (Jade Warrior) and it was found in the video rental store, we watched that. And either we havn’t read Kalevala well enough, we have been all too tired or the film is just a bit boring … but there are worse movies.

The next day we went to the Post tower along the river rhine and then back to buy some ingredients for kalakukko. I once said to phil that I’ll bring one when I’m visiting him, but the time in Heidelberg was not sufficient.

(That’s not the rhine! at least not directly *g* )

But maybe making kalakukko there was not such a bad idea, phil really liked that dough:

While the kalakukko was in the oven for some hours, there was a lot of time to hear some cds from that great collection there:

The following day we’ve been to the Haribo factory shop:

and food continued to be finnish. sort of. other inhabitants of that flat were not really thankful for kalakukko, by the way.

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  1. Olli_S sagt:

    Arsch mit Ohren?!
    …auf jeden Fall ne coole Eintragung ins Markenregister! (-:

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