Hampuriin turistina!

Last week I’ve been more or less for the first time as a tourist in Hamburg: The german physics association had a conference there and a couple of students from our departement went there. Actually from Heidelberg there’ve been so many that you met even some by accident on some train in the center. I also met my former flatmate from Helsinki and a girl I went to school with …

The weather was mainly foggy and cloudy, but on wednesday when we had a free morning without lectures, it was really fine and we used the opportunity to explore the town. Since I was the one knowing the town a bit I was a bit of a city guide, sometimes taking some wrong roads, but all in all we always finally arrived there where we wanted to be.

In the new ‘Hafencity’ near to the harbour (an area like all those other former harbour areas now being turned towards a new use) we found some walls which looked to be perfect for climbing. unfortunately most of them ended in a height of 3 meters, this one on the other hand was ending somewhere on the third floor. climable without shoes and safety, but well, we just tested the lower part …

nice idea, these texts on those trashbins:

The hafencity from a boat on the Elbe: The big thing there is the ‘Elb-phil-harmonie‘ just being built:

Also near there in the Hafencity there is a place where coffee is ‘burned’ (?) and you can taste (and buy) different sorts of coffee, so we did, since we’re all working in the institute just due to quite a big daily coffee intake:

And another view from the Michaelis church. Unfortunately the inner part is being renovated and we thus just took a look at that construction site inside and then went up the tower. On that picture you can see the Alster, some kind of lake inside Hamburg, around which we’ve been running almost every morning about 10km to meet afterwards the sleepy rest of our group at the breakfast table.

All in all, i’m f**king tired now and I have a get some sleep now. hopefully. (hm, sollte ich schwarze Balken über die Gesichter machen ?!)

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  1. antonia sagt:

    kiitos kivasta kortista :)

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