As already mentioned with map of the travelled track in a previous post, I was for a few days on Amrum, with my parents and some friends of them. I left Heidelberg in the early morning after a short night to arrive on Amrum somewhen around 8 in the evening. The weather turned worse the more north I got, a lot of fog and some wind – let’s regard it as a ship-training session for the boat trip in may ;)

the View onto Wittdün on that evening from the ship’s topmost level – not many people have been outside due to the weather, but for it felt way too crowded inside the ship itself, so I’ve been outside the whole trip.

The next day the weather turned out to be more like on the following days, sunny and warm. ok, warm might be exaggerated, but for this time of the year it was warm.

From the north of Amrum we were able to have a clear view to Sylt and its lighthouse – Sylt is a neighborisland to Amrum.

During all those days I managed to go running three times. And consequently I’ve been eating a bit more than my parents *g* When I went running it was about 1:45h …

Wittdün in the morningsun:

Running along the beach feels great, but if you have this ground, you get quite dizzy after 10 minutes …

In the South of the island the beach is over 1km broad, but within the last years new dunes start growing thus it seems to be smaller, at least in the ‘middle’ of the island.

On one of the following days we went on a small boat to a Hallig, Hallig Hooge. Hallig means that it’s some different sort of island, there is no real protection from the sea by dikes or walls, instead the houses (and churches, as on the following picture, with a cementary) are build on small artifical hills.

A view on Hooge:

Interestingly the plants on the island were not much delayed compared to heidelberg or preetz, seems like it started growing at the same time almost everywhere in germany this year.

A view on the beach – with a toilet house :P

The temperatures were on Hooge sufficient to walk outside in a shirt whereas on Amrum we needed jackets almost all the time. The sun was quite powerful anyway, already.

Within the dunes there are several houses build from stuff which has been found on the beach. Some are quite complicated looking, but all of them can provide cover from the wind to enjoy the sun :)

And some pictures from Nebel, the village in which we lived for a couple of days:

The church is surrounded by an interesting cementary, with a lot of stories on the old stones. but it’s better to read them in a book, since they are quite hard to read and sometimes written in a local dialect.

Back we went again by ship, to Dagebüll, passing along Föhr.

a lot of ships, due to upcoming eastern:

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2 Antworten auf Amrum

  1. Ursula sagt:

    Hallo Johannes, das sieht ja teilweise aus als wären wir nicht auf Amrum, sondern auf dem Mond gewesen, schöne Fotos.
    Gruß Mama

  2. antonia sagt:

    naja, der mond ist bestimmt auch spannend ;)
    schade dass man nicht zu den einzelnen bildern kommentieren kann.. das eine mit den wellen sieht genau so aus wie das was ich in geophysik mache ..
    ich warte ja noch auf die restlichen beschreibungen..
    gruesse :)

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