Kiipeily ulkona

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We were until last sunday only climbing within a climbing hall in Heidelberg. But since the weather looked nice and we all wanted to go there anyway, we spontaneous decided on saturday to go to an old stone pit north of Heidelberg in Schriesheim. It’s part of a nature protection area, and it’s already visible from some points in Heidelberg.

For the start we decided to do top-rope climbing, thus the rope had to get up to the top of the first wall. Everything else might work inside for us, but outside it’s another story. The whole pit consists of 4 levels, each connected by paths which are manageable with backpack and normal shoes.
Marco and me went up to fix the rope. actually it feels quite strange to lie on your stomach and look down there to check if everything is fine …

… the others waited downstairs to get the rope to start climbing …

Downstairs there was ‘Donauwelle’, ‘Aprikosenkuchen’, and some other stuff. (click!)

one by one we went up, but since we’ve already been climbing the other day, it was ok that we had one rope for five persons.
Since there are no more or less well-defined ways to go up the wall, everybody found another way, and everybody needed a lot more time to find a suitable place to position hands and feet.

it feels surprisingly safe to be somewhere in between those rocks …

Below, that’s one of the paths connecting the different levels within the pit.

sometimes even with ladders. which does not always improve the feeling while climbing up there.

Upstairs there was more sun, sharper rocks, more falling rocks and a better view – why did we stay so long downstairs ?!

note that there are other people visible in the background of the following picture:

and somewhen we finally managed having eaten all the cake and simple chocolate had to be eaten ;)

and a last view on the rhine-valley.

(more pictures can found once again in the gallery)

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2 Antworten auf Kiipeily ulkona

  1. antonia sagt:

    das sieht ein bissl anstrengend aus… ;)

  2. Suvi sagt:

    Wow, tosi siistiä! :)
    En kyllä itse taida uskaltaa ulos kiipeämään vielä moneen vuoteen, tarvitsen vielä paljon harjoitusta sisäseinällä.

    Teillähän on jo ihan kesä siellä, täällä alkaa vasta puut vihertämään!

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