Gran Canarialla

On our way from Heidelberg towards the Polarstern we decided to spent some days before in Las Palmas on Gran Canaria. On the one hand side to have some sort of holidays, on the other to already test our measurement equipment under realistic circumstances in the bay you can see above.  Our Hotel was the tall one in the middle of the next picture, we on the 3rd floor, our telescope on the balcony, the spectrometer inside and the cleaning personel was instructed not to clean our room to avoid having people tripping on our fibre cable which costed a couple of 100€.

A sunset from the top of your hotel:

But we also worked!

The first day after we arrived I took a look around las palmas. Not much tourists there, that was already clear, since the beach was fully crowded on sunday and almost empty on monday. And judging from the languages spoken around us, mostly spanish, a lot of ‘native inhabitants’ and/or spanish tourists were there.

In the town in a park I found a stone meant for climbing – but the grips downstairs were so small that it was hard or impossible to get up there with normal shoes:

Otherwise the town is a lot of others: not so beautiful, but a nice old town. and quite colorful. And the sea was to be seen from almost everywhere, the air was clean and fresh, quite a pleasant stay it was :)

View from the next bigger shopping center close to our hotel:

The second day I took a but to Teror. Basically to take a look at the village, but it’s quite small, thus I started to go the next hill, without much of an idea where to go, also the map wasn’t a big help. So I went up and up, sometimes on those weird small streets, sometimes more ‘off-road’, sometimes ending up in someone’s private garden – dunno about the spanish and the ‘every-man-right’ or however it’s called in english …

anyway, the way there was already sort of fun: the bus trip took about an hour, the street was quite steep and small, thus the bus had to use both lanes in curves – thus blocking the traffic from the other side. To tell those others that we’re coming, the busdriver just honked and continued with normal speed into the curve – quite exhausting to think about it and to watch it, after a couple of minutes …

From up there also Las Palmas can be seen.

I followed some road, continued up to some hill to write postcards and then go downhill on some downhill track for bikes. actually a not too good idea to go these downwards, the bikes are going down fast anyway, thus they might need less grip, but me, for me I would have liked to have a bit more grip a few times :D   Now you can even buy folding electric bikes using Cyclescheme vouchers now at Wisper Bikes.

The track:

Then somewhen I found a supermarket to eat something. It’s all not been planned, thus I had just water with me. and after 5 hours, some kilometers and about 800 height meters I was hungry. And a bus stop was close, too.

The bus then stopped in Aracuz and I had to change busses. I used the time to take a look around there:

Then the following day I made a trip to gargal in the northwest of the island. actually quite a poor village/town, nothing much to be seen, at least that’s the way it appeared to me. Interesting height differences within the town anyway.

And then there was the last evening in the hotel, the last evening swimming in the sun, packing our equipment, to get up around 6 in the morning to leave towards the actual purpose of this trip, towards the R.V. Polarstern

in case you havn’t got that link by email yet: a lot of pictures from gran canaria and the polarstern can be found here in a zip file.

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  1. Toni sagt:

    schön schön. und schöne bilder wie immer. sieht eig. eher nur nach urlaub aus ;) aber klar, ich wuerde auch eher die bilder posten, die neidisch machen könnten :)

  2. Johannes sagt:

    stimmt, ich sollte nochmal ein bild von unserem schreibtisch dazumachen. aber erstmal noch stitchen …

  3. Toni sagt:

    steht der schreibtisch in eurem hotelraum? das sieht aber gemütlich aus..

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