The first day, on May 14th we arrived at the R.V. Polarstern in the harbour of Las Palmas by Taxi in the morning. All the other scientists were watching us arriving, we just caring about our luggage and equipment and more or less ignoring everything – must have been a funny sight for them ;)

This sign can be found at different places:

The first day we stayed in front of Gran Canaria because some tecnicians had to test some equipment and went back to Las Palmas in the evening on a small boat.

During the whole trip the crew worked on the ship, they painted one thing after the other.
I had some problems the first days working, since the horizon was moving, the screen wasn’t, it was kind of hard to concentrate on the data. Or fixing screws outside on the deck wasn’t easy either.
The waves there were around 4-4.5m high and quite regular. My favourite place to stay that days was in bed, sleeping always worked there, and outside was ok too, so the first day was more like 5 minutes of work, five minutes of calmly watching the horizon …

The color of the evening sun was always impressive …

[youtube 0nUFJVtUxtY]
[youtube Tt9Y2PdmoKA]

One day we all were invited to watch the propellers through a small window. we had to crawl down a small service tunnel after which there was actually a bigger room were a member of the crew gave instructions and we had some minutes to watch.

On the deck where the labs were and the crew’s working places, some tourist stuff from home:

Somewhere western of Portugal we had a barbecue evening instead of normal dinner, a great variety of meat, salads and deserts as well as beaverages.

(work in progress, more text to come)

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  1. antonia sagt:

    Also mal ehrlich, irgendwie sehen diese ganzen Bilder nicht nach Arbeit aus ;)
    Hehe. Aber spanned siehts aus. Schon toll, da wird man fast ein bisschen neidisch, jedes Mal beim Bilder gucken wieder g*
    Nun das geschäftliche, womit hast du eigentlich die Karte ertellt?

  2. antonia sagt:

    Ups, habe mir die Karte grad genauer angeschaut, ich glaube die Frage hat sich erledigt :-o

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