Schriesheimissa – uudelleen

Once again to the stone pit – the following picture is just the fixed rope route, (klettersteig) not the actual climbing yet.

This time we decided to go up to the fourth of the four levels in the stone pit, we havn’t been there before. Thus we also havn’t seen that there are that many of the plates shown in the following picture. The tracks up there were quite demanding, mostly (UIAA) VI and above. Which might be nice in toprope, but freeclimbing them when the last point where the rope has been fixed is about 2-3m below your feet – well, that’s different. (toprope: that’s when the rope is fixed at the top, thus you won’t fall that far in case you fall. and you don’t have to fix the draws in the wall, pull the rope up, etc. …)

M. being roped down after having finished one of the routes. Actually, there are not that many draws up there, just in the beginning there is one of them each meter.

An Overview from the north side of the fourth level:

And the sunset while walking down back to the car near to the Strahlenburg in Schriesheim:

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