Viimeiset kuukaudet

If I’ll find the time to write more about polarstern and the chile holiday – I dont know yet. But I found recently some avocados here which are not too hard and thus ready to eat right from the store. ok, the price is a bit higher, you get one here, in chile you get a kilogram.
typical food when I was at pablos place in the evening/afternoon: white bread with tomatoes, avocados, red wine.

From santiago back to germany via sao paolo. actually really relaxing, I had 3 seats for myself on the transatlantic part, nice :)

At christmas time in northern germany, right back from 30°C in Santiago into the freezing cold winter of the northern hemisphere.

And not long in northern germany, back to Heidelberg, to finish my diploma thesis. more or less.

New Year eve had to be celebrated with a cake: that’s actually the ‘normal’ chocolate cake made of butter, chocolate, nuts and eggs and in between some pudding with cherries. great! You know that TNT has just 1kcal/g and chocho-late, äh, chocolate has 5? just doesnt burn that fast …

Some sima was prepared once again …

Sometimes climbing was the only possible way to relax from writing.

Data, I had a sufficient amount of it. Actually too much. This is one trace gas for the atlantic transect from Bremerhaven to Punta Arenas. Havnt printed all of them. (Ha, and next time, dont forget the gridlines.)

Now here’s snow for already some weeks or something, I don’t have any feeling for time any more.

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