British Virgin Islands

now since yesterday on the british virgin islands, today in spanishtown, a little ‘town’ with two main roads, a small ferry terminal some shops and a lot of small churches.

( skipping a lot of stuff from St. Martin ) We decided to leave from St. Martin the day before yesterday. Taking care of some smaller issues like getting rid of an old sail and buying some more food on the dutch side, we said goodbye to some others we got to know there, also some germans we went on a little trip with the week before. but ‘unfortunately’ we had to take the bridge at 17:30 to leave the lagoon and then prepare our departure. we left at 10 in the evening for the 80 nautical miles to the british virigin islands (BVIs), expecting the trip to take something around 16 hours, that we arrive in the early afternoon.
Actually the winds turned out to be stronger, the waves to be more chaotic than expected. the latter was caused by varying water depth, and caused he waves to come from all sides. We arrived after 11 hours at 9:00 at the reaf near to prickley keys island – a lot faster than expected. with an average speed of 8 knots on sea pia as well as me had problems with seasickness. I managed not to lose my dinner and vomited later, but at some point I wasnt able any more to drink nor to eat, usually I know that I feel a lot better while seasick when not being hungry or thirsty. the waves in the moonlit night look a bit bigger than they actually are and sometimes the boat was surfing on bigger waves, gaining speed up to 12.5knots with only one reffed sail, the other sail was removed after half the distance to have a nicer passage. each of us slept some hours, surprisingly easy it was to fall asleep, even though the waves hitting the boat from the side were quite loud.
having arrived in calm waters again we anchored and made breakfast to recover from the night. later the day we continued along the north coast of virgin gorda towards spanishtown were we anchored in the evening and checked in this morning.

Now back into the water, air temperatures are a bit higher than comfortable, at least inside or when there is not much wind.

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4 Antworten auf British Virgin Islands

  1. joachim sagt:

    Das war ja bestimmt eine nette nächtliche Überfahrt!
    Viele Grüße ans ganze Team, vor allem aber an den Käptn!

  2. toni sagt:

    danke für die karte, ich bin neidisch g*

  3. phil sagt:

    jupp, von hier auch :-) .

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