after 10 days we arrived in england in falmouth, unfortunately the last day we only used
the engine, did not sail at all. we could’ve waited maybe some days just in front of the
english coast to have wind at all, but well, going ashore was a better option :) weather
is nice here, we were welcomed by 2 danish boats who saw us entering the harbour and
called us right away via VHF to tell us the marina we’re currently all in. Bernd had met
them already on the canary islands and in the carib.
the crossing was really nice, fast and without big problems.When leaving horta we met the frigga again, a small boat we met in the middle of the
atlantic by chance, one day it just appeared on one side. unfortunately he just entered
the harbour when we left. in between we had some email contact toe xchange weather
Again on the open ocean we then saw another sailing yacht, called it via VHF. it was a
dutch singlehander, who also welcomed us here in the marina. he stood here on the quay
and asked: hey, do you remember me? of course not, never having seen him, but having met
so many sailors the last weeks, you rather answer: “let me think, …” ;)

after falmouth we continue via fowey, cawsand and plymouth where we currently are.

flourescing water behind the boat:

We met Frigga right again when we left Horta, a boat we met already somewhere in the middle of the atlantic ocean:

a good example of a weather chart we were able to receive using our short wave radio and a demodulating program on the PC:

We should’ve started storing cheese like this already earlier, quite effective:

2-3 days before arriving in england we saw some pilot wales:

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