Arrived on the Acores

we arrived yesterday morning shortly after midnight in the harbour of Lajes, Flores on the Azores. Already been ashore yesterday, slightly having problems walking on fixed ground, and bought some fresh oranges and apples. and the bernd met some other people he already met somewhere before on his trip. some km for a walk, but that was already sufficient. today some more distance.

the crossing was ok, even though pia as well as me had again problems in the beginning with seasickness, bernd didnt, of course. therefore I just ate a cookie and a small pot with noodle soup during the first two days – more was just not possible, even though I know that I usually feel better with a full stomach (as on polarstern ;) ). things got better afterwards, even had some calms further on. during the last week we had up to 7 beaufort, sometimes going around 5 knots without any sails hoisted, ‘surfing’ down waves of 4-5m. it was quite loud inside the ship during these periods. getting the weather maps via short wave radio we tried to dodge low pressure areas and calms, arriving here after 24 days and 2700 nautical miles.

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