Atmospheric Observatory, Cape Verde Islands

A bit of sun for all those having stayed at home during the last weeks – but wasn’t too green either, at least on some parts of the islands: (oops, panorama needs a bit more care, still. CVAO can be found on the very right)

But where have we been at all? After a long flight with a stop in lisbon and on Sal we finally arrived in Mindelo on Sao Vincente. There we had a room with breakfast, quite nice and the guy who owned the house worked for some years on german vessels, thus he spoke german quite well, so whenever we had any kind of question where to get something e.g. that was quite useful. A funny guy, too.

Main part of the work we had to do we did here:

We had to set up the LongPath-DOAS setup outside again which took a bit more than a day, having problems with the 500W arc-lamp and first having to set up retro-reflectors somewhere on the mountains to get the endpoints of the different paths of light. Here it’s still inside:

long term exposure to show three of the four different locations of reflectors:

View from our room in Mindelo:

The road to the station was damaged by rainfalls the week before, thus we started to fill the bigger holes with stones from the roadside:

View from the 30m observation tower on the station. On the tower there are some aerosol sampler installed, e.g.. But nothing we directly use. Our stuff was in and in front of the container on the lower right, the one which is a bit diagonal.

View to the peninsula on which the station is located from the position of the retro reflector in the middle of the mountain.

the coast directly there was quite steep and the waves were breaking quite spectacularly, nice to watch.

View on Mindelo with Monte Verde in the Background. it’s called Monte Verde since it’s often covered with clouds and sometimes the only place on the island where plants are growing without irrigation.

The longpath telescope in action:

One morning we helped a chemist from the IFM Geomar in Kiel to get his modified ARGO float again ashore, he brought it out to the ocean the day before for testing purposes:

Impressions from Mindelo:

Nice Paintings on the Wall of the harbour:

In the second week we sometimes went swimming:

Sahara dust, seawater and the sun – the new observation tower on the station is build with a lot of wood instead of aluminium.

A street in the center of Mindelo

View from the top of the watertank on top of the house we stayed in.

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