Leaving the British Virgin Islands

One year ago, a last glimpse on those islands before leaving towards the Acores, first heading north and then later on eastwards after having passed the Bahamas within some 100sm.

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TJ2010 – St. Martin to British Virgin Islands

Initially I wanted to add blog entries about the long distance travel last year during the current weeks this year, but currently there is a lot of other stuff to do. but still:

As already described in an older email, about a year ago, we sailed from St. Martin to the British Virgin Islands.

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Ein sonniger und warmer Frühlingstag



Temperature control

and bad food in the evening.

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Heidelberger Halbmarathon 2011

Florian hat einige Bilder vom Halbmarathon am Wochenende in Heidelberg online gestellt:

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Chili Zeitraffer …

wie schon für’s Basilikum, jetzt auch für die Chilipflänzchen, diesmal alle 10s ein Bild und 50 fps am Ende:

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EGU 2011

In Wien da gibts große Kongresszentren, die UNO und auch schönes Wetter ….

… auch Kletterhallen, und recht große dazu.

Kaffee in Kaffeehäusern …

… und Wein aus Pappbechern. Ok, meist doch aus Plastikbechern.

Europa aus den Steinen aus denen es auch in Wirklichkeit besteht …

und moderne Architektur. oder so. auf dem Weg zum Tagungsort.

Aber eigentlich war ja die EGU Konferenz. Wieviele tausend Leute da waren, keine Ahnung. Programm war auf jeden Fall umfangreich.

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Basilikum Zeitraffer

In Anlehnung an den SmaTrig, jetzt allerdings auf Basis eines Arduino FIO mit LiPo Akku habe ich jetzt einen programmierbaren Kabelfernauslöser.

Erste Schritte mit Basilikum:

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Lähimmäinen ydinvoimalasi

… you don’t have to walk that far to see your next nuclear power plant …

(on the left there is Heidelberg, take a look to the right)

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rumnerden – New header-images

I was a bit sad about the fact that the default theme for wordpress needs different sizes of header images. and no border around them as before in the connections theme. but it looks good and that without big changes.
(and the blog works again, you might have noticed)
I did not want to reprocess all those images manually, to find a part of the image fitting to that size above that seems to be interesting. A way to find maybe the horizon or something interesting had to be found and then some arithmetric has to be done.


Current idea which has produced all those header images currently:
Take the standard deviation for each 10x10pixel square and plot it (entropy would maybe be a good alternative, but seems to be similar in the result and somehow i don’t trust it just on 100 pixel).  Sum to each direction (green lines) and then look for the absolute maximum in the derivative of those sums (blue lines). Then you get the position of the white cross and this’ll be the center of the subsequently produced header image. simple, but it works.
The idea would be that the border between areas containing a lot of information (high entropy or here: higher standard deviation of pixels in the pixel cluster) and areas with less informations tend to be interesting parts of the image.


Anyone any better ideas? maybe to prevent suboptimal results like the following?


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