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This page just contains some projects I worked on the last few years. There is a lot of crappy sourcecode around here, haven't rearranged everything and added more comments to make it more readable. Some of the projects are just the work of a few hours for some exercise sheet at university, others have grown over several years. Last Update: 2008

General Stuff :


Started in October 2000, a bot for counter strike using artificial neural networks.
There is a german documentation once made for school : http://www.lampel.net/johannes/bll137.html
Main JoeBOT homepage : http://joebot.bots-united.com
Site on Sourceforge.net : http://www.sourceforge.net/projects/joebot

The sourcecode of this project is on the sourceforge cvs as well as in the download area. This project isn't updated any more frequently.


Sucessor of JoeBOT. I started this new bot after the bot developer meeting in Amsterdam 2003, because I realized that I'd have to rewrite almost the whole code of the old JoeBOT to implement dynamic pathfinding, more engine independent code, etc..
There is a small paper about some issues covered within this bot : http://www.lampel.net...JoeBOTXPDoc.pdf
Some information on the current development: http://joebot.bots-united.com/screenshots.html
A movie file showing some squad behaviour: jbxp01.avi ( ~10MB )
Some files on the BU filebase : http://filebase.bots-united.com/...
A screenshot of the waypoint viewer, used for debugging the A* pathfinder and the storage of statistical data collected during games : screenshot

Profiler A little profiling tool used in JoeBOT XP for example to be able to monitor the time spent in certain functions in realtime.
HPTime A little class for high performance time measurement on x86 machines supporting the RDTSC opcode.
SOM-Sim my Self Organizing Map Simulator
SOMVis A WinAmp plugin based on a SOM trained with the data from frequency analysis of music.
nVec A n-dimensional vector class also used in the SOM-Simulator. Includes a try to implement an SSE version of it using SSE intrinsics.
SPCC Compression of pictures using a SOM ( self organizing map ) for vector quantization.

University Related Stuff :


Volume Visualisation. Homepage : http://vvis.sf.net

Sourceforge page : http://sourceforge.net/projects/vvis
Screenshot page : http://johannes.lampel.net/misc.html

Calculus - Möbius Strip The task was to draw a möbius strip and the normals.
Calculus - Newton searching complex nulls of a polynom using newton.
TheoPhys - bifurk Example application for using SSE via the nVec class
TheoPhys - pendulum A little OpenGL application to show chaotic behaviour of a driven pendulum

Atmel AVR Stuff :


Steuerung der Pumpe einer Sonnenkollektoranlage auf Basis eines Butterfly, oder eines ATMega32


ECG based on an ATMega32

Other Stuff :



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